Meeting Room Booking Dubai

Meeting Room Reservation System

Meeting Room BookingRevolutionalise your workspace and create a smart office with our meeting room booking/reservation solutions. We provide both hardware and software to manage your meeting rooms more efficiently. No more knocking of doors to check for free meeting rooms.

FeaturesWith tablets fixed outside every meeting room you can check if it is occupied or not. You can book your meeting room right from the tablet. Our software allows to track usage and check schedules and book your time slot from anywhere. It can be integrated with outlook calendars, google suite. The software can be deployed on cloud to be accessed from anywhere anytime. You can manage your meeting rooms in multiple offices wether in a single building or various buildings

BenefitsFlexible licensing options. Desktop & Mobile. Interactive Displays. 24/7 Support. Cloud or on premise deployment. Multiple sites. Hassle free meeting room bookings/reservations with no overlapping. Efficent resource management. View the resources in each rooms and book according yo your requirements