Video Wall & Digital Signage Solutions Dubai, UAE

Video Wall & Digital Signage Dubai, UAE

What is a video wall system?A video wall consists of multiple monitors or television to form one single digital display. Screens used in video wall has narrow or no bezels. Video wall display are used for digital signage solutions. To display advertisment in malls, airports, showrooms. Digital signage solutions are the current trend in advertisement industry.

FactsVideo walls come in a large range of display technologies, including LCD, LED, projection cubes, blended projection, and more. Each display type offers unique advantages and limitations in terms of resolution, brightness, reliability, cost, and other factors.

ApplicationsVideo walls are used in public venues, malls, restaurants, control rooms. They have are primarily used for advertisement purposes. Video walls have become the new standard in digital signage industry. Digital signage has replaced static ads and billboards. Digital signage is extensively used as an alternative to normal printed signboards as it is more cost effective.Digital signage displays are customizeable and they can be created in large sizes using large LED screens.

Implementation We at Techzium provide the latest technologies in video wall and digital signage implementation. We provide video wall display solutions, digital signage solutions in dubai, abu dhabi and all other emirates in uae. Our video wall solutions & digital signage solutions are suitable for malls, cafes, restuarants, advertisement in showrooms and retail industry.


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